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Temperature or Process On-Off Controller (Microcontroller based – 2 to 6 Set Points)

Temperature or Process On-Off Controller
(Microcontroller based – 2 to 6 Set Points)

Temperature And Process Indicator Controller

Mini On-Off Temperature Controller – DPC-480
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Temperature And Process Indicator Controller

Advanced On-Off Temperature Controller – DPC-966
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Temperature And Process Indicator Controller

Basic On-Off Temperature Controller – DPC-903
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Portable Probes

On-Off Temperature Controller – DPC-913
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Model Product Description Size (mm.)
DPC-480 Temperature and Process Controller 48 x 48 x 120
DPC-912 Temperature and Process Controller 96 x 48 x 75
DPC-913 Temperature and Process Controller 48 x 96 x 75
DPC-903 Temperature and Process Controller 96 x 96 x 75
DPC-966 Temperature and Process Controller 96 x 96 x 120

Description :

Libratherm offers New version (Model HTC-723 and HTC-966) which are designed and developed using the latest micro-controller. The specification incorporated serves the every simple and critical process control applications of the industry. It accepts input from temperature sensors like thermocouple, RTD (Pt-100), Infrared thermocouple, or pyrometers generating mV or mA signals or from the level/flow/pressure/pH transmitters in the form of (4-20) mA. The input signals from thermocouples and RTD (Pt-100) are software Linearized for 1oC/0.1oC indicating accuracy. It can also be used for other process control applications like pressure control, level control etc. accepting input signals from the respective transmitter or transducers.
HTC-723 / HTC-966 accepts universal input. User can select one of 8 different types of input using back panel DIP switch. This is the added advantage over the fixed type of input.

The controller HTC-723 and HTC-966 has respectively 2 to 4 and 2 to 6 programmable set points. Each can be configured as either High Alarm or Low Alarm or Deviation Alarm or for Off state with programmable ON/OFF hysterisis through user friendly membrane key board. Dual 4 digits display allows simultaneous indications of the process value and the set value. In addition these models can give two nos. retransmission output of 4-20mA proportional to process value, for remote indication of the process value.

Features :
• Highly accurate and sturdy in operation.
• Elegant looks, Very easy to operate.
• Accepts standard type of thermocouple or RTD (Pt-100) 2 or 3-wire input
• Control output of Relay or DC pulse or TRAIC.
.• Programmable Hysterisis.
• User configurable output up to 4 or 6 set points.
• Models available in 2, 3 and 4 configurable set points
• High quality membrane keypad.
• Operates on Universal supply of 90 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Application :
• Pressure control
• Heater bank selection
• Star delta changeover
• Level control
• Process industry
• Plastic / Packaging industry

Technical specifications :


T/C J, K, R, S, B, C, D or RTD(Pt-100) 2 or 3-wire
input, (0-10)V and (4 – 20)mA (Fixed or user selectable)

Range Subject to the full range of the specified input
Resolution 0.1/1 °C / unit subject to the specified input and range
Indicating Accuracy Better than ± 1 oC / 0.1 oC /0.1 % of the specified range.
Control Mode Each output is user configurable for High/Low/Deviation/Off state.
Control Action ON / OFF with programmable Hysterisis
No. Of Set points (X) X= 2 to 4 set points (HTC-723) ie X = 2 or 4
X= 2 to 6 set points (HTC-966) ,ie X= 2,4 or 6
Control outputs 2 or 4 DC pulses or only Two Relays or Two
AC SSR in HTC-723, HTC-948 & HTC-489
. (External 4 channel relay card can be used for
HTC-723, HTC-948 & HTC-489)

2 , 4 or 6 DC pulses or maximum 4 Relays or
maximum 2 AC SSR in HTC-966 (External 6
channel relay card can be used for HTC-966)
Output and Set Point indications Front panel LED indications OUT1 to OUT 6 for Outputs
and SP1 to SP6 for set points.
Retransmission Signal 2 independent 4-20mA signal proportional and
linearized to PV or SV– 12 bit resolution.
Loop Supply 18 - 24VDC for external Two / Three wire Transmitter
(optional and available in HTC-966 only)
Supply Universal supply of 90 to 250 VAC (5VA max.),
50/60Hz or 24VDC @ 500mA (optional – please contact us).
Optional Serial Interface Optically isolated 2 wire RS485 in Modbus RTU protocol.
(Slave mode with programmable Modbus address)
Operating/Storage Temperature 0-50 oC Max. / 0-70 oC Max. @ 10-85% Rh (Non-Condensing)
Enclosure ABS plastic with polycarbonate front graphic.


* All Optional Features are Available Extra Cost

Process Control Instruments

Process Control Instruments