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Bar Graph Indicator Model BGI-144

Bar Graph Indicator Model BGI-144

Bar Graph Indicator Model BGI-144

Product Specification :

Model wise descriptions :

Model Product Description
BGI-144-U Bar Graph Indicator for universal Input with 2 to 4 relay outputs
BGI-144-F Bar Graph Indicator for Single fixed Input with 2 to 4 relay outputs
BGI-144-T Bar Graph Indicator for Two fixed Inputs with 4 relay outputs

On-Off Temperature Controllers

Description :

Libratherm offers Microcontroller based universal or single / two fixed input Bar Graph Process Indicator model BGI-144 with both Digital and Bar graph indications. In addition, the instrument provides analogue retransmission output of 4-20mA with built in 24VDC loop supply to power external loop transmitter. The process value is converted into equivalent 0 to 100% value and is displayed on the bar graph using 51 red LEDs for each input with 2% resolution per LED. Two to Four relay outputs are also provided which can be used for high and low alarms for single or dual input. Serial communication on RS485, 2 wire with MODBUS RTU protocol is also available with programmable Modbus ID in slave mode. BGI-144 is available in 144 x 72 x 120mm panel mounting enclosure with ABS bazel, polycarbonate graphics and metal enclosure. BGI-144 works on 90 to 250VAC supply.

Features :
• Microcontroller based design.
• Single / Two fixed or Universal Input (8 user selectable).
• Built in square root extractor for 4-20mA (optional feature)
• Two relay outputs for High, Low or Deviation per input.
• 4-20mA retransmission output linearized and proportional to PV.
• Bright red LED display for PV and SV..
• 51 LED bar graph display for each PV.
• Built in 24VDC loop supply.
• IP 20 metal enclosure.
• RS 485 Modbus serial interface (Optional).

Application :
• Process Control
• Water Treatment
• Power Generation
• Control Panels & Switch boards
• Monitoring Systems

Technical Specifications :

Models BGI-144-U(Universal input) ,
BGI-144-F(Single input) and BGI-144-T (Dual Input)
Input (Single input) Thermocouple type J, K, R, S, B, C, D or RTD(Pt-100) 2 or 3-wire input, mV and (4 – 20)mA (Universal and user selectable)
Two Inputs Any two of the above – to be specified.
Square root extractor Built in to display flow rate – when the input 4-20mA is from DP transmitter. (Optional).
Range Subject to the full range of the specified input or 0 to 3500 count or -1999 to +1999 with decimal point selection.
Resolution 0.001 /0.01/0.1/ 1 unit Subject to the specified input and range (User selectable decimal point)
Accuracy Better than ± 0.1% of the specified range
Display 4 digit 0.3” Red 7-segment LED display for process value
4 digit 0.3” Red 7-segment LED display for set value
51 red LED for process value in terms of equivalent percentage.
Single bar for single input and dual bar for two inputs.
Bar width = 5 mm (Bar is defined in terms of percentage of full scale)
Open sensor detection Shown on the display and outputs are turned off for fail safe operation.
Control Action ON / OFF with programmable Hysterisis.
No. of Set points 2 to 4 – Each configurable for High / Low / Deviation mode.
Control Outputs 4 independent Relays contacts or Triacs rated for 5A@230 VAC.
For single input – All 4 relays/triacs can be used. (BGI-144-U and BGI-144-F)
For 2 inputs - 2 relays / triacs can be used per input.(BGI-144-T)
Output indications Front panel LED indications
Key board settings Front panel membrane key pad for parameter settings.
Retransmission Signal Single / Dual 4-20mA signal proportional and linearized / Square root extracted to single / Dual input – 12 bit resolution.
RLmax = 400 Ohms.
Loop Supply 18 - 24VDC for external Two / Three wire Transmitter.
Serial Communication (Optional -1) RS485 – 2 wire with MODBUS RTU protocol in slave mode.
Universal Supply Voltage 90 -250 VAC (10VA), 50/60Hz.
Size / Cutout 144(H) x 72(W) x 120(D)mm /
138 x 68 +/- 0.5 mm
Enclosure / Weight Metal with ABS front and polycarbonate graphic /
1.0 Kg.
Note : Technical specifications are subject to change due to continuous product upgradation at the discretion of manufactures. * All Optional Feature at Extra Cost