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Digital Portable Thermometer

Digital Portable Thermometer


Description :
Libratherm Instruments offers Digital Portable Thermometer (Model DTM-21) mainly for Industrial use. It is an indispensable tool in every step of temperature measurement. It accepts various types of Cr/Al or RTD (Pt-100) sensing probes to measure the temperature of hot or cold flat/rotating/vibrating surfaces, powder, liquid, gas, furnaces, ovens, cold storage’s etc. It’s a handy instrument to cross check the temperature. It can measure the temperatur e from –100 oC to +1000 oC within ± 0.5% accuracy. DTM-21 is 9-volt battery operated, rugged, reliable, and field proven Digital thermometer.

Some of the above models are also available in suitable size flameproof enclosures for use in the hazardous environment.

Features :

• Indispensable tool for all industries for quick temperature measurement.
• Wide temperature range –100 oC to 1000 oC
• Accepts RTD (Pt-100) or Cr/Al probes or sensors.
• Various interchangeable probes can be used.
• Quick response.
• ABS housing.
• Available with standard or compensated thermocouple connector.
• Operates on std. 9VDC battery.
• Available with both standard and miniature thermocouple connector.

Application :
To measure the temperature of hot or cold flat/rotating/vibrating surfaces, solid surface, vibrating surface, cylindrical surface, powder, liquid, gas, furnaces, ovens, cold storage's, hot mould, etc…..

Technical specifications :

Sensor Cr/Al – K type Thermocouple or RTD (PT-100).
Range 0 to1000 oC for ‘K’ type thermocouple or to be specified.
0 to 400 oC for RTD (Pt-100) or to be specified
(Measuring range depends on the type of sensor)
Accuracy ± 0.5 % of the specified range (0-400) oC.
± 1.0% of the specified range (0-1000) oC.
Resolution 1 oC or 0.1 oC up to 199.9 oC for RTD(Pt-100) sensor only.
Display 3 & ½ Digit, 0.5" high LCD.
Polarity indication Provided.
Over range indication Provided.
CJC Built in Automatic.
Supply 9 volts dry cell.
Low battery indication Provided.
Ambient (0-50) oC
Dimensions 145 x 29 x 80 mm
Weight 200 gms (approx).