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Microprocessor Based Temperature Scanners

Microprocessor Based Temperature Scanners

Product Specification :

Model wise descriptions :

Model Description (XX = No. of channel ) Size in
Horizontal &Vertical
(w x h x d) mm
MSI-16C-XX Microprocessor based 16 channel Temperature / Process Scanner with common high / low alarm relays.
(XX = 04,08,12,16 points)
H-(192 x 96 x 200)
V-(96 x 192 x 200)
MSI-16A-XX Microprocessor based 16 channel Temperature / Process Scanner with common high / low alarm relay along with per channel high / low alarm LED indication and transistor drivers for external relays.
(XX = 04,08,12,16 points)
H-(192 x 96 x 200)
V-(96 x 192 x 200)

Description :

Libratherm offers Microprocessor based Temperature / Process Scanner Model MSI-16-H and MSI-16-V, which is most suitable for continuous and accurate monitoring of temperature or process values at maximum 16 different locations in the same or different system. Additional useful features of common and individual high or low alarms make these scanners versatile for control and alarm applications.
MSI-16 accepts thermocouples or RTD (Pt-100) sensors, as inputs. The temperature is indicated within the accuracy of ± 1 oC or ± 0.1oC of the specified input range, in spite of non-linear behavior of the standard thermocouple and RTD (Pt-100) sensors. The Linearized indication is achieved by software linearization technique. The models are available for 4, 8, 12, 16, 20,24, 28 and 32 channels.
The standard features include SCAN/HOLD, and SKIP the unwanted Channel facility and manual increment of the channel number using front panel membrane keyboard.
Other than input from temperature sensors MSI-16 series also accepts (4-20) mA or (0-5) or (0-10) Volt signals from process transmitters for pressure, flow, pH, ORP, level etc..

Features :
• Available in standard ½ DIN sizes.
• Highly accurate and sturdy in operation.
• Elegant looks and Very easy to operate.
• High quality membrane keypad
• Facility of common and individual high/low alarms.

Application :
• Heat treatment, Large funnel Furnace / Oven Temperatures at various locations
• Transformer oil temperature
• Power plant
• Food processing ovens
• Laboratory equipment.etc.

Technical Specifications :

Design Microprocessor based( 8 bit) with 12 bit ADC
No. Of channels 4, 8, 12 or 16.
Input Refer input and range selection table as given below.
(each channel can be of same or different input type as per user’s requirement)
Accuracy Better than ± 0.1oC, ± 1 oC / 0.1 or 1 UOM - Software Linearized.
(Subject to specified input and range).
Resolution 0.1oC, 1oC , 0.1 or 1 UOM (As per users requirement)
Display 4 digits each 0.5" 7-segment red LED to display process and Alarm Set values.
2 digit 0.5" 7 segment red LED for channel number
Open Sensor Indication Display shows Flt-1 or Flt-2 and all outputs will be turned low.
Display Scan Rate 1 to 99 sec (programmable through front panel keyboard)
Sampling Rate 125mS (All 16 channels will be scanned in 2 seconds).
Skip/Hold Facility Available through key board in configuration mode
Key board 8 x 1 membrane keypad for data entry
Common Relay Outputs 2 nos. potential free change over contact 
(1 each for high and low output but common for all the channels)
Individual Alarm Outputs 2 per channel i.e. 32 open collector outputs to drive external relay cards.
Alarms Can be configured for LL, HH, LH, HL)
L – Low and H – High.
LED Indication 32 LED's in the front indicating status of each alarm output
Size (WxHxD)    192 x 96 x 200 mm ( MSI-16-H) or 96 x 192 x 200 mm. (MSI-16-V)
Panel Cutout 186 x 92 mm.,  or 92 x 186 mm  + 0.5 mm
Supply  230VAC / 110 VAC ± 10% (10VA), 50/60Hz or 24VDC @ 500mA
Enclosure Metallic with ABS bezel and polycarbonate front fascia
Note : Specifications are subject to change without notice – due to continuous upgradation.