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Digital Linearized Temperature Indicator / Controller

Digital Linearized Temperature Indicator / Controller

Product Specification :

Model wise descriptions :

Model Product Description Size (mm.)
DLI-12 Temperature Indicator 0.5" Display 96 x 96 x 160
DLI-1000 Temperature Indicator 1" Display 192 x 96 x 160
DLI-2000 Temperature Indicator 2" Display 192 x 96 x 160
DLI-4000 Temperature Indicator 4" Display (wall mounting) 500 x 250 x 150
MLI-X Multi-point Temperature Indicator (X=2,4,6,8,10) (Using rotary selector switch) 96 x 96 x 160
MLI-2 2 point indicator  
MLI-4 4 point indicator  
MLI-6 6 point indicator  
MLI-8 8 point indicator  
DLC-301 Single Set Point Temp. Controller (4 digit T/W setting) 96 x 96 x 160
DSL-12 Two Set Point Controller ( 4 digit T/W setting for each set point) 96 x 96 x 160

Description :

Thermocouple sensors generating emf/mV and RTD sensors generating the change in resistance value with respect to the change in temperature does not have non linear characteristic, hence to indicate the temperature within the accuracy of 0.1 oC or 1 oC throughout the measurable range, the need arises to linearize these non linear curves.
Libratherm offers various models of Linearized Temperature Indicator / Controller for accurate indication of temperature within the accuracy of ± 1oC or ± 0.1oC in spite of non-linear behavior of the thermocouple and RTD (Pt-100) sensors. The Linearized indication is achieved by software linearization technique using 12 bit ADC and high-density memory, where the data’s are stored in. Along with the digital Linearized indications, single or dual set point control is also available. The Control action may be ON/OFF (through Relay/SSR/Triac). One of the application areas of this controller is to use it as the safety controller (or police protection) along with the microprocessor based PID or RAMP/SOAK program controller, where the indicating accuracies of both are matched without any ambiguity.

Features :
• Accuracy better than ± 0.1 % of the full scale.
• Elegant looks and Very easy to operate.
• Digital design and not prone to EMI/RFI.

Application :
• Heat treatment
• High temperature Furnace / Kiln control
• Star / Delta change over of heating coils
• Police protection with PID/Program controller
• Metallurgy and Ceramic R & D centres.

Technical specifications :

Input Thermocouple J,K, R,S, B, C, D or RTD (Pt – 100) {Any one to be specified}
Range  Full range of the specified input.
Accuracy ± 1 oC for thermocouple and ± 0.1 oC for RTD input.
Display 4 digit Red 7-segment LED display. (Display size is model dependent)
CJC Automatic cold junction compensation using built in temperature sensor.
Set point     Adjustable using front panel push type coded wheels (Thumb wheels)
Control action ON / OFF control. (For heating control and High / Low Alarm)
Control output   Potential free relay change over contacts and SSR driver (0 to 10VDC pulse @ 30mA) or Triac / AC SSR and SSR driver per set Point (DLC-301, DSL-12).
Relay contacts and AC SSR are rated for 6A @ 230VAC.
Hysterisis ±1oC for ON/OFF action (for 1oC resolution controller)
±0.1oC for ON/OFF action (for 0.1oC resolution controller)
Output Indication The front panel LEDs marked OUT Or OUT1 and OUT2
Supply Voltage 230VAC / 110 VAC ± 10% (5VA), 50/60Hz
Size   96 x 96 x 160 mm, 192 x 96 x 160 mm and as per the table given above.
Enclosure Metallic duly powder coated with ABS bazel and polycarbonate front